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If there is one question I dread and to which I am still not able to invent a satisfactory reply, it is the question what exactly means to settle in a new country?
It is definitely a very beginning on new terrain. And as every begging in life, it means time spent out of the comfort zone.

Before moving to Darmstadt I had already been in Germany many times, studied at the University of Leipzig
and had teaching experience in German as a foreign language in my country. But, only when moved from my home town to live here, I realized what I really needed to know: 
  • How do you persuade German landlords to rent a suitable apartment to academics from abroad?
  • How do you approach an employer in Germany and make the right impression? 
  • How do you find the right health insurance and medical help?
  • Which authorities are to be contacted? 
  • Which are relevant insurances?
  • How do you inroll for daycare place and what is good shool? The list goes on.
My worries as newcomer, are very similar to the worries of your new hires from abroad. Solving those questions and insecurities is crucial to settling in in the region and in Germany in general.


  • A lifelong commitment to encourage intercultural dialog and promote communication competences
  • 10 years of progressive experience in the field of Social Integration for international families
  • Change Management and Coordination of Intercultural Education Projects in Darmstadt and Darmstadt-Dieburg District
  • Trainer for German as foreign language and culture
  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Trainer


Trainer and Speaker Certificate (2018/19)

Certificate in Diversity Management (2017)

Conflict Resolution Certificate (2016)

Master of Arts of the German-English degree program “Intercultural Communication and European Studies” at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda (2004)

Scientific education and training at the University of Leipzig as a scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD (1999)

Graduate teacher of German language and literature and English as a minor subject at St. Cyril and Method University in Skopje (2000)

Professional Experience

Start of my own business (End of 2017)

Fundraiser for my NGO (2007-2014)

Coordinator for Diversity Management in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg (2014–2016)

Relocation Consultant in the Rhine-Main area (2010-2013)

NGO Founder – Association for Intercultural Programs and Language Promotion e. V., Darmstadt (2007-today) We ran intercultural programs, organize creative courses, workshops, discussion forums and thematic projects.

Teacher for German as a foreign language (1998-2014)

Student Job in English Club for Kids (1995-1999)

Linguistic proficiency

Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian (mother tongues)

German and English (fluently)

Bulgarian (very good)

Italian (basic knowledge)

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