Intercultural communication is the core competence in the modern economy

The modern world of work, the patterns and tendencies of employment, are rather globalized. They are both multicultural and intercultural. CEOs, Human Resources managers and recruiters know what this means:

  • Onboarding for new hires
  • On-site Cultural Sensitivity Training
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Diversity Management

It requires focused attention when experts or professionals are not native German speakers and have a transnational and multicultural background.

I am a certified consultant for the Program “Corporate Value: Human Resources – recruit and retain skilled workers” from the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. This is a promoted advisory service for small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations.

Our range of services for you

  • Residential district search
  • Schooling for your children
  • Career advice for your partner
  • Care of the children
  • German courses
  • Leisure and spa packages
  • Associations and migrant self-organizations
  • For companies – Offers for your employees

Tomorrow’s business challenges are less technical than cultural. Culture must be managed just like any other business phenomenon.
– Peter Drucker

360 ° support

Inspiring the start of your new hires: 360º support

Success through tailor-made consulting & training services


intercultural innovation ideas by XculturalFusion

My favourite technique is the active group work. All my seminars and lectures are interactive and live from your experiences, opinions and cooperation.

  • workshops and seminars

    Your international new hires market your brand globally.

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  • training

    Do you want to improve your intercultural competence? We can provide you with an individual concept.

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  • coaching

    Helping new employees to settle in, saves money and time

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Become leading hub for the world’s talents

Foreign high potentials are great asset for every company
Bind international power on site!

You new hires from abroad are great source of information, they always bring experience along and offer in-depth knowledge in the relevant field. People who lived in different countries have innovative insights due to their socialization and lifelong learning.

Let me help you define your “little movers” in the war of talents! They are basis agents of your company development and assist in keeping the best candidates and motivating high potentials.

Fingerprints are unique like your passions!

Fingerprints are unique like your passions! You choose your HR passion…

How quickly can applicants learn about your company culture?

Supporting your new hires to build up the social network fast and successfully here, empowers them to take action and deliver results.

Investing in employee training programs for all on the other side, allows your current employees to grow into different roles.

Make them smile, support their learning, become their hero!

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Jobcoaching German as a foreign language

Language-learning as a gateway to new cultural experiences

Benefit from my experience and professional network, book ” The German Language and Culture Coaching” for your new hires.

There is a wide variety of benefits in learning German. When you have moved for work here, it will help you in establishing good connections and cross-cultural friendships and open up new aspects of life in a new country.

Ask for our tailor-made program for your individual professional and private goals!

About me

Throughout my career, I have learned that the availability of Onboarding and Social Integration Support, can mean the difference between success or failure for international new hires. The well being of the accompanying family determines the company fluctuation in more than 75% of the cases. Further service, I am eager to provide to gobal players and companies are my German, Communication and Cross- Cultural Trainings. Social and communication skills are basis agents of your company development and play crucial role in keeping the best candidates and motivating high potentials.

I offer:

  • 10 years of progressive experience in the field of Social Integration of international families in the Rhein-Main Area.
  • Change Management and Coordination of Intercultural Education Projects in the region Darmstadt-Dieburg
  • Experience as a trainer for German as foreign language and culture.
  • Experience as a trainer for Cross-Cultural Sensitivity.
  • A lifelong commitment to helping international families in the area of Rhein-Main.
  • The ability to provide a thorough assessment of Orientation and Onboarding needs of new hires and the development of plans to help their partners also achieve their career goals.