Inspiring the start of your new hires: 360º support in 5 steps

  • The services of the HR department are there to systematically accompany the arrival of the employed person. My job is to take care of the rest, meaning the family relocation and onboarding alongside with their concerns about the social integration in the new country.

    Without career prospects, there is no long-term commitment to the company.

    Let us define the “little movers” for the future of your business! Impulses, ideas, innovations, interactions are the basic agents of your company development. Defining the little movers will help you keep the best candidates and motivate high potentials!

    Not only hire but also help new employees to focus and deliver the best results by employing XculturalFusion’s experience in keeping the best long devoted and motivated for your company.

  • After-recruitment Service

    • information on residence permit
    • VISA regulation and working permit
    • accompanying children
    • temporary housing
  • Expectation management

    • real costs and appointments support in the new town
    • definition of need
    • pres election of services
    • relocation and on-boarding packages
  • House-hunting

    • definition of the area for house hunting and house search profile
    • preselection of houses
    • mobile number and bank account
    • furniture
  • Relocation support

    • driving license and car transfer regulation
    • water and electricity suppliers
    • insurances, internet and telephone
    • commuting to work and school and family doctors
  • Spouse and family transition

    • schools, daycare opportunities and children allowance
    • career profile of the partner and support
    • sports and hobbies in the new town
    • German language and culture