Ich bringe unterschiedliche interkulturelle Perspektiven und Erfahrungen mit und baue diese in meine Beratung ein. Aus eigener Erfahrung weiß ich, wie wichtig es ist, die eigene interkulturelle Sensibilität zu erweitern, um in unserer globalen Welt erfolgreich agieren zu können. Profitieren Sie in der Beratung von meiner Erfahrung und meinem Know-how.

Corporate clients

J.Ebert, Plexus 


„Bojana Knezevic is an extremely warm and welcoming person. Her understanding of the challenges involved in relocation, and her deep empathy for her clients, makes an enormous difference in easing the stress and challenges of starting a life in Germany. She is knowledgeable about the area and is able to support on everything from practicalities such as registration, opening a bank account and finding a home through to German language lessons and insights and support with cultural integration.“

Relocation support for  families

Norbert and Diana Farkas

Competent, committed and practical, Bojana presents insights and strategies for a positive approach to the challenges of social integration in the new country. We were very glad that she supported us in one of the most important parts of our family relocation: dealing with the local school system. If you are new in the region, it is important to be aware of the different school types in which you can enrol your children. Trying to comprehend the complete German education system is one major challenge starting a new life abroad. Bojana’s extensive knowledge in this field, combined with many years of experience as a diversity manager in the education system and active member of the intercultural community in Rhine-Main Region qualifies her best for exemplary support.

Tal and Zeev Iluz


I came with my family of 3 children to Germany for 2 years. We didn’t know the language and needed every help we could get getting settled and adjusted. Bojana’s help was priceless! She helped us with basic German lessons for the kids and gave us also support in every field of daily life we needed to deal with. I think she can take a big credit for our good adjustment to living in Germany.

Andy and Monica


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the countless times in which Bojana went far and beyond her work to support us.
She helped us in the most challenging time of our lives. When moving to a foreign country with family and children, there are moments that all you need is just a friendly smile and some information.
In many other, you need such a competent and professional person.

Spouse German language Training



In the training, I learned a lot of nice things: German of course, but also cooking, history and politics. I like your training because it reminds me that women should always walk towards absolute freedom!


Muito obrigada

Besides Deutsch, I learned thanks to the training, how to live in Germany and cope with the people’s mentality and habits; how important it is to laugh and relativize what happens every day, to live every day intensely and as a unique moment to enjoy.
To rediscover the joy of being in a new surrounding.


I had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn; a desperate expatriate in need of help, guidance and inspiration.  And then, as life works in its own ways and as a patient teacher, the cross-cultural training and Bojana were presented into my life!  And through the days while in class, I learned not only grammar and its rules, but I learned to comprehend a new culture, understand their way of thinking.

Lessons in life taught by Bojana are great, not only because of the changes they make in our hearts but because they are lessons in life that will never depart.  Thank you will never be enough, but please accept it as all the lessons I have learned from you by heart!


…and the whole family

I see you as our “Godmother” in our stay here in Germany… Your help with integrating the kids in school is priceless and your support and friendship at this German class are much more significant than the plain learning of German grammar.

Your wise tips and good advice but especially your energy and endless willingness to help in any situation are remarkable and very appreciated! We all thank you so much for all you have given us and we love you!