Cross-cultural training

XculturalFusion offers social integration and effective cross-cultural training programs for international families and new hires, in Germany


My focus is on your new hires from abroad and their families.

Workers from different countries are a great asset:

  1. They are a great source of information
  2. They offer in-depth knowledge
  3. They introduce innovative insights

Don’t be late to the game. Invest in onboarding support today!

Private life and work are two factors of happiness and satisfaction. For the most people, these two always go together. Achieving the mythical work-life balance increases the professional performance, but it is not a job description in any company. Much of this is in personal responsibility, but there are a lot of things that companies can do for their new employees. For example Cross-cultural training, Intercultural Communication Workshops and Family-Onboarding for expats and new hires!

Why is it necessary to assist every new career in the company? There are five areas of business, directly affected by such support:


It takes approximately eight months for a newly hired employee to reach full productivity


The organizational costs of employee fluctuation are estimated to range between 100% and 300% of the replaced employee’s salary


Up to 20% of stuff turn over happens within the first 45 days of employment

Company standing

Every start in a new country is a time of the life spent out of the comfort zone. Supporting your new hires, during that time empowers them to take action and deliver results. Why not choose onboarding support to be the magic behind your specific corporate identity?


80% of the new hires, who have formal support, hit their first performance milestone

The best in the class start their onboarding before the official start of the new employee, but less than one-third of companies extend their onboarding support beyond the first month. In Europe only 40% of the companies take onboarding seriously, unfortunately very few of them think of family onboarding.

Corporate motivation is to be productive and deliver a good job. The expected level of productiveness is more likely to be achieved by extending onboarding support beyond the first weeks and taking the relocating family in focus as well.

Your turn over as a economy litmus test?

The bases for the company’s growth are quotas of employees who leave the company within the first year.

How can you counter this trend with?

Arriving in the company also means arriving in the city, village and region for your new hire and all family members.

For most families, settling into a new community and ensuring a family member reenters the workforce quickly has become a necessity rather than a luxury. For most companies, on the other side, supporting the spouse and children transition has a “fluctuation remedy” function.

Have you ever heard of family onboarding?

Families are complex systems; it doesn’t do anything for the company if only the newly employed person gets a foothold, as long as the accompanying family members are not right. Thus, family onboarding is an integral part of recruiting.

360° support for new start in Germany

The services of the HR department are there to systematically accompany the arrival of the employed persons. My job is to take care of the rest, meaning the family onboarding alongside with all of their concerns.

Without career prospects, there is no long-term commitment in the company, not even for your new employees.

Let us define the “little movers” for the future of your business! Impulses, ideas, innovations, interactions are the basis agents of your company development. Defining the little movers will help you keep the best candidates and motivate high potentials!

Not only hire but also help new employees to focus and deliver the best results by employing XculturalFusion’s experience in keeping the best long devoted and motivated for your company!

About me

Bojana Knezevic is a trainer and consultant for companies recruiting high potentials from abroad. She is primarily active in the Rhine-Main area as an expert for complete post-relocation support. The post-relocation support includes family onboarding, cross-cultural training, intercultural communication workshops as well as language and culture courses.

Bojana’s task is to design, develop and provide a methodology case for the onboarding of new specialists together with you. This not only relieves the personnel department but also saves you time and money.

Bojana Knezevic, trainer and consultant for complete post-relocation support



Besides Deutsch, I learned thanks to the training, how to live in Germany and cope with the people’s mentality and habits; how important it is to laugh and relativize what happens every day, to live every day intensely and as a uniquely moment to enjoy.
To rediscover the joy of being in a new surrounding.


In the training I learned a lot of nice things: German of course, but also cooking, history and politics. I like your training because it reminds me that women should always walk towards absolute freedom!

Andy and Monica

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the countless times in which Bojana went far and beyond her work to support us.
She helped us in the most challenging time of our lives. When moving to a foreign country with family and children, there are moments that all you need is just a friendly smile and some information.
In many other, you need such a competent and professional person.